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    This is more than just
    vodka. This is adventure,
    a fascinating adventure.

    Copernicus vodka is an elegant product classified to premium vodka segment. Big and Little Dipper, certified crystals from Swarovski Crystals lines, mysterious moon and excellent quality alcohol, , makes Copernicus vodka a special gift for special occasions.


    Created with passion

    The bottle’s subtle design combines mystery and fascination of discovering new spaces, delicate SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, connect the depth and the crystallinity of the product.


    The mysterious moon,

    changing its colour when the product reaches adequate coolness, creates inspiring and elegant form and makes the COPERNICUS VODKA the unique product for special occasions.


    Crystal clear water

    In the production process we use crystal clear water and very high-quality grain ethyl alcohol. The production of Copernicus vodka is based on an original old Polish formula which is the secret of its delicate taste and nose.

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